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Would you like to guarantee your patients faster wound healing and more comfortable treatment and thus stand out from your competition?

Then decide now for Ledopax, your reliable innovative partner for cold-warm compresses!
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What are Ledopax?


✅ Ledopax COLD WARM COMPRESSES are REUSABLE and microwave safe. The gel in the gel pack is still flexible at -18 degrees, so that the gel pad adapts perfectly to any part of the body. It is non-toxic and made in Germany. Ledopax has been tested by DERMATEST and rated “VERY GOOD”.
Put the Ledopax in the freezer 2 hours before use until the gel freezes


Effect: Local pain reliever, decongestant etc.


Ideal for:
      • Implantology, dental operations, toothache
      • Aesthetic injections
      • Plastic and aesthetic surgery
      • Sports injuries & in physiotherapy
      •  Clinical surgeries to reduce swelling
      • Contusions, sprains, strains, inflammation, bruises
      • Headaches/ migraines/ fever

Heat for approx. 5 minutes in water with a maximum temperature of 80°C or heat in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.


Effect: local circulation-enhancing, tension-relieving, etc.


Ideal for:
      • back pain
      • Lumbago 
      • Stomach pain
      • Menstrual pain
      • Kidney pain
      • gynecological treatments
 We have our Ledopax in 3 different sizes (9x12cm, 13x14cm or 12x29cm) to optimally cover the wound care of the patient. They consist of a bag filled with gel that stores cold or heat. The gel filling is biodegradable and Ledopax ensures an even, flexible consistency at any temperature.



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