Developer iSoftBet sets their slot machine Tyrant King Megaways several million years in the past, when the world was ruled by enormous reptiles.

When you consider how long dinosaurs roamed the Earth, you may think they were set to rule forever if it weren’t for that pesky meteor. In order to avoid falling prey to our own arrogance, we may learn from the past and not take anything for granted. Who knows, maybe the present dominating species might have evolved from lizards instead of some primate progenitor if that global calamity hadn’t happened. Instead of spending all day guessing, let’s play Tyrant King Megaways, a slot machine set in a world where dinosaurs and people coexist.

The comic book design used by Tyrant King Megaways is intriguing, and it reminds us of the visuals of NetEnt’s Creature from the Black Lagoon slot machine.  Featuring stunning visuals, it transports the reader to the hot and perilous Cretaceous era when everything was enormous and potentially lethal. Sure, there were no humans back then, but creative license being what it is, we discover a courageous Indiana Jones–looking explorer (wow, does he ever go) and a racy cavewoman in Tyrant King Megaways. Visually, Tyrant King Megaways combines animations, cartoonish realism, and an angry undercurrent represented by the T-rex emblem.

Highly volatile and configured at 95.99% RTP, players may explore the undergrowth on any device with bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€20. Here, the prehistoric-themed action unfolds on a 6-reel Megaways grid, with 2–7-symbol reels and a horizontal reel spanning above reels 2–5. Due to its random nature, there are a maximum of 117,649 possible winning combinations in the base game alone.

The symbols in Tyrant King Megaways all have a royal motif, beginning with 10-A aristocrats mounted on square slabs of stone that detonate in cascades when the player removes them. Followed by a pterodactyl, stegosaurus, triceratops, cavewoman, and Indiana Jones are some prehistoric creatures. Premium winnings with six matching symbols are paid between 1.75 and 50 times the wager. The wild symbol features the Tyrant King T-rex and pays out the same as the highest paying regular symbol. Wild T-Rex symbols appear on all reels and can be used in place of any other symbol (save the bonus) to help form a winning combination.

Slot Features of the Tyrant King Megaways

The gameplay is enhanced by two elements that are both traditional and modernized. Both have the potential to deliver exciting experiences and rewarding outcomes. The cascade mechanism plays a crucial role in every stage of the game. If you’ve ever played a Megaways slot machine, you know how the winning combinations disappear, making room for more symbols to fall and potentially form new winning combinations.

When 4 or more Wild symbols appear, the Wild Tyrant Respins feature is activated. During this mode, only cells with wild symbols or zeros will be shown. Any landed wilds will remain in place and trigger an additional respin. When a reel is completely covered with wild symbols, it becomes a wild multiplier reel. When the respin feature has run its course, winning symbols will fill in the previously vacant positions. Both the main game and the free spins include Wild Tyrant Respins.

When 4 or more scatters appear, you’ll win a certain number of free spins. When 4, 5, or 6 scatters appear, the player receives 10, 12, or 15 free games, respectively. The potential for higher payouts during free spins has been increased with the inclusion of a few new features. To begin with, the number of possible win methods has been increased to a maximum of 200,704 by adding a horizontal reel at the bottom of the playing field. The second is a victory multiplier that increases infinitely from x1. The multiplier goes boosted by 1 each time a cascade win occurs, and there is no cap on how high it may go. Last but not least, the number of free spins you have left during the bonus round will increase by one for each bonus symbol that appears. There is, once more, no cap on the number of free rounds that may be earned.

Slot Machine Decision for Megaways’ Tyrant King

Once again, iSoftBet has shown that it can compete with the best of them when it sets out to make a top-notch Megaways title. Cartoonish realism with Jurassic Park undertones provide for striking first visuals. iSoftBet has used the Megaways engine extensively enough at this point to guarantee that their implementation is flawless. The studio has boldly experimented with additional rows and methods, and the exploding symbols from cascades are a lot of fun to see. This ensures that the game is built on firm ground before the fun sections are included.

Features are what really make a game, and Tyrant King Megaways excels in this area as well. Features aren’t really innovative, but the developer put a twist on the standard Megaways setup with free spins and a progressive multiplier. Although the addition of a fourth reel with tracker symbols may seem minor, it really increases the number of possible combinations by a huge amount.

The same holds true for the secondary Wild Tyrant Respins feature. iSoftBet has tweaked a standard mechanism to make it more powerful. When a stack of T-rexes has covered the grid or formed multiplier reels and the triggering symbols return for a win evaluation, a respin may be a lot of fun. If everything goes right, you may win as much as 50,000 times your initial wager on Tyrant King Megaways.

The iSoftBet development team has once again produced a fun Megaways slot. The visuals and production value of Tyrant King Megaways are top notch, and the game’s ancient setting and unique features set it apart from the pack.






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