what's the murder rate in the state you live in? It is clearly stated in the U.S. Code 1243; To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence. Rent from those recommended by the tourist office, confirm price and allotted time before jetting off, and keep track of your time on the jet ski to avoid being called back too early, Watch the heat. I honestly think my size (6'5, 340) deterred anyone from robbing us. Plus, once you leave the main tourist area, it begins to deteriorate dramatically. But will it be a smart idea? My now husband n I went to get married there on the beach. Both are more expensive than the Bahamas. Haitians are the illegal immigrant underclass in the Bahamas and therefore a source of much of the crime. That Friday night they were having a beach party and I wanted just to check it out for a little bit, my fianc had a headache so I told him I wouldn't be gone for but a hourIt was located jus 2 minutes from our room. As a black man, I have to say, the above couple of comments from fellow black people are indeed true. Who knows what could have happened!!!! ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-29098810', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Nassau. So where would that be? I stayed at Breezes resort in Nassau. As long as u stick to the main drag on bay street you be ok. The US is a great example for helping reverse Britain's knife laws. Perhaps I need to visit wherever you guys are from to see how it compares. I was stumbling all over the place! Your safety needs will vary across the islands and largely depends on where you visit. Which is quite dumb when you look at it but they are very friendly to tourist they even have to have a three month class every 3 years from high school to retirement about how to care for tourist that comes to their island. I found people to be aggressive sellers but expected that. I promise you there is more to the Bahamas then they've said. We have been to Govenor's Harbour before but this will be our first time in Nassau. My wife and (my then) 12 year old daughter where constantly being propositioned by the young life guards at Atlantis. Per 265.10 (5), a person who disposes of a "switchblade knife, gravity knife, ballistic knife, metal knuckles knife, or undetectable knife" to anyone under 16 years is guilty of a misdemeanor. Just be mindful of your surroundings and you would be fine. Of course with this being the first trip to a place as pretty as the Bahamas I will want to take my camera. Very very bad and rude people. My wife and I have been to Nassau several times on cruise ships. I'm a 5'8 160 African American male. So if you get knock down today or tomorrow you going to sy that you will never step a foot on the road again? Avoid all the crafty con artists in The Bahamas with these tips from Diedre McLeod, who has navigated all the scams herself and now shares her advice. I was 18 at the time, now 21. Visited Nassau October 12th 2019- SO JUST STOP IT! Of course the island is not as wealthy so you have people just trying to make a dollar which is ( NORMAL ) I didnt see any difference in the culture how I thought only thing I didnt like its just like a state in the US. I even went to the most feared Bain town. Yes, the Bahamas has some crimes but not every county is perfect. This and the Baha Mar fiasco is making me think twice about my vacation destination. Think of it this way, the US and UK . Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash. The beaches were amazing - French Leave Beach was more than a mile long of white sand and blue green water - we were the only ones in our stretch of the beach. It's the same in every country/city be smart don't flash your money jewelry fancy clothes around there's always someone that has less and will take yours where ever you go. Integrity is the fundamental quality of any person who Locking folding knives, fixed blade knives and knives longer than 3inches/7.62cm are all illegal for carry in a public place without a . and it was just too dangerous to walk the street. Nassau is located on one Island in the Bahamas, please go get a map! Which I just read has been issued a travel advisory. THE BAHAMAS IS IN THE ALANTIC OCEAN NOT THE CARRIBEAN! People would see the beauty in places others call ugly. And if thats going to stop you from experiencing life, then you might as well stay home. Dont keep your valuables all in one place. I just watched ZNS local Bahama news TONIGHT 7-13-18 and they had a double murder (55 murders thus far). Even if you carry a legal knife for self-defense, it is illegal in Canada. The Bahamas gets about 340 sunny days per year and average temperatures of 83F (28C). the crime statistics and cruise-ship-complex with its expected locals pushing their products, the cat calling etc is all too much for a middle aged to older cruiser who really just wants to do what they want to do and the world just has to understand that. To make matters worse, the ship stayed an extra hour, but ended up leaving without him. Go there. While 330 murders is a sad sight to see, keep in mind that New York City has a population of some 8.5 million. This article states that 128 people were killed here in 2015. This islands are amazing. Keep windows and doors locked, in case your toddler wanders out of your accommodation, Have a code word for family members to use in high-stress situations or when they feel unsafe. I had to choose between the two nationalities when I became 18 because they don't allow dual nationality and since independence in 1973 they don't give nationality even if you are born there because then they would have to give it to Haitians. Been going to Nassau for over 20 years. My wife, daughter and I were constantly harassed to buy stuff from vendors. Nassau is a crime focus, it is markedly more dangerous that let's say Eleuthera..sooo you move to suit. more, You seem to have JavaScript disabled. The fact is there are many islands in the Bahamas that are quite safe, and there are many islands that haven't had a murder in years. My experience in Nassau was well enjoyed. Puerto Rico is a bit more expensive, but the security is a bit more consistent. Instinct warned me of a scam brewing against me that involved a resort bar tender, front desk worker, taxi driver. wants to promote a family friendly atmosphere) and murders are a very unusual occurrence. We ended up eating lunch at a place called the Pepper Pot Grill. . You should prioritize booking organized tours that are run by reputable companies, which will help your family stay safe while exploring The Bahamas. New York - 333 murders population about 8.5 MILLION So we decided not to ever go back. We never saw anything that made us feel uneasy. We had our beautiful wedding on the beach!!! However it must not have been as bad in the sixties because as well as being looked after by our Bahamian maid I spent a lot of time hanging out with the local Haitian gardener who was obviously living a normal life. I got 1 more drink to take back with methat I didn't even drink out of. The locals are very friendly; more so than Mexico. I have been to Nassau 10 times by cruise ship with my wife and grandkids. I'm white British but born on Nassau in the early sixties and left in 1970. We took Taxes into Nassau on 4 different days. Ny has a huge. Lastly, certain types of knives such as ballistic knives and throwing stars may also be prohibited by law in the state. Point of the matter is, there is crime and bad people everywhere. We met her at the hospital where the doctor said this happens A LOT. Why bother with them? Whether you are driving, taking taxis, or the local bus (affectionately called jitneys) you should plan ahead, Jitneys are everywhere, but its a casual service with no real timetable, so you may find yourself waiting odd time-intervals for a bus. There are some tragic stories above, the sexual assault experience isn't one a person can shrug off as a bad experience. The Bahamas is not different at all. I am just back from the most wonderful holiday at sandals bahamian . I told myself my intuition was wrong when he then got back into the car without incident. Regulated taxis carry a yellow license plate marked with the letters NP. I left my book bag on a street pole in Bain town and drove around the island on a scooter and when I returned it was still there with everything inside of it. There are however THREE online e-books, one of which I have started reading. You can only carry a handful of knives legally under certain conditions. Paranoia is an overreaction and is not useful, it will entrap you in further ignorance. Pay attention to your drink. Maybe that gave me the edge I needed to stay coherent enough from that damn drug they gave me!!! While the islands are considered safe forwomen travelers overall, consider dressing modestly for your trip, Always take precautions while out at night to ensure your safety, such as taking a licensed taxi to a club or restaurant rather than walking, particularly in Nassau, Avoid hitchhiking, walking in deserted or poorly lit areas, and walking alone at night. You know what, youre on your ownI get the feeling its a norm and not much will be done. Anybody have any input? We left our bag on the beach while we swam and no one bothered it. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Suggesting a partner/husband is nearby can help to stop these discussions in their tracks. It is marked only by corporate blemishes. Hope you read my warning, Royal Caribbean wont be kind enough to warn you. But no one understands. As we got near the Pirates Museum we were approached by some local thugs who stated it was closed. Put the knife in your luggage, no problem! DON'T GO!!!!! Yes I witnessed the "Cat Calling" at the women that is mentioned in many of the reviews here, so it is true, especially if you are a young female below 40. My friend got abducted when the taxi driver decided to put gas in his car and had her bf get something from inside and then drove off with her in the car. Staying on Paradise Island at Rio Palace. When I stayed in the Bahamas me and my mother had an amazing time. Currently her mother is breaking her back trying to get enough money saved to move herself and her daughter out of the Bahamas completely and come to where my family lives, she doesnt understand why anyone would ever go there willingly. B. The entire time I had a sense we were in imminent danger; not exactly something you want while on vacation. The Bahamian dollar closely matches the US dollar, which means you may not get as much bang for your buck as you expected. There are also small boat services, called mail boats, that sail to the lesser inhabited islands. Plus you have to stay in the tourist area. diving gear to be sure they function well, How to Avoid Crime & Corruption in Indonesia, Local Laws and Customs in Vietnam: Know Before You Go, Laws in Mexico: Illegal Things Travelers Shouldn't Do, Crime in New Zealand: What You Need To Know, Make sure to book tours with reputable operators to avoid scams by fraudulent tour guides, Many jet ski operators are unregulated. I was naive and friendly and talked to the locals. Drug possession and drug use are illegal in The Bahamas. With hundreds of vendors, and a range of cultural Bahamian crafts to choose from, get ready to bargain for the best deal. There was a nightclub in that area and is probably the source of a lot of crime at nighttime from what I could tell. I also spent two years in Nassau, west bay street 2012-2014 Go to one of the smaller family islands. Any of the above-mentioned weapons or any other dangerous weapons meant to harm anyone is strictly prohibited in places like courthouses or school grounds. We were even here during Junkanoo which is a drunk fest like Mardin Grass and no trouble. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance. But again I never felt our group was in any danger. Recommend Andros, Abaco or Exuma if you want a real Bahamian experience. I was approached by a guy saying let me help you back to your room, I work here and would point at his badge. Among the 788 homicides reported in 2021, the knife was the weapon of crime in 242 . Does anyone have a link for laws about pocket knives in St. Maarten or St. Thomas? punishment.I can see the blue smoke rising on my way to work in the morning and I knew someone was hung that morning.I only assume it was burning the body.That was just after independence.However, just after they banned capital punished,Crime went out of control with over seventy murders this year so far.Don't go there it is just too dangerous.T & C islands is just as bad.Lived there but will never go back. We decided to not do excursions and explored on our own. If you are street smart then you can maneuver in places like Nassau. If you have to go to experience Nassau for all that it is, stay in the tourist districtsjust like JamaicaPeriod! I don't especially like such an environment, but it didn't stop us from enjoying local culture, food, little museums and the beaches the locals themselves enjoy.it was a really nice experience in and of itself. Before you jet off to The Bahamas, find out how to stay safe while enjoying all the activities on water and land. We told the ship's security what happened and they remained professional and also said it was not uncommon as they have incidents like this each time the ship docks in Nassau and it even happens to their fellow crew members. Do not leave your glass unattended and make sure you watch closely when your drink is being opened or poured out for you. Be careful there-stay in groups. Not one time have we had any problem. The man sexually assaulted her and dropped her off in a touristy area where she flagged a police officer to drive her to the hotel. The Bahamas is a male dominated culture so be ready to experience a myriad of overly loud, forward and aggressive men wherever you roam. Nothing scary about Nassau just don't be stupid and go places tourist don't belong. Its no different than at home in Canada where we are the 5th most dangerous city in the country plagued by drug crimes. Much different than in the states. Just came back yesterday from paradise island and went to new providence three weeks before that. A VERY deep purple almost black four door car (we think Honda Accord or similar) with dark tinted windows pulled up behind us. we SHOULD point out the statistical and OBJECTIVE facts and we SHOULD let others know the truth! Also I would not get off the boat if I went back nothing there worth seeing for that level of harassment. Im scared after reading the comments. I am currently planning a cruise and one of the stops is Nassau. Look at the states there's bombing, mass shootings, and so on but if you dear say anything bad about the US people will let you have it! No real crime in East Asia very safe.I am SHOCKED at the violence in Bahamas these days ! In the Bahamas right now. Just letting everyone know since it's bothering me that no one seems to know this obvious fact, I mean look at a map! Mail boats are slow and transport goods and products; however, you can pay to hitch a ride but you wont find much comfort. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Ive been to Nassau 13 times a single mother and my daughter traveled there alone. On departure day I avoided their set up taxi driver and snuck off at a different time. Click here to read more at The Tribune Sponsored Ads Plus the SOB got a beat down!!! But the talk of rude and pushy locals needs to tone down. We reported the armed robbery to the Bahama police and Royal Caribbean. Folks, save your money, and vote with your dollar, if the Bahamas can't fix their crime problems internally to make it safe for tourists who spend MILLIONS of dollars in their land every year, then they cannot be helped otherwise. Bahamas were amazing, the locals are great & just trying to make a living. 1953-0041. NYC for example (where I live) had 333 murders in 2016. Nassua is terrible and exactly like most of the negative reviews. Other safety tips include: The Bahamas is slowly becoming LGBTQ+-friendly. My boys always like to see how their bargaining skills are so they try to get some items cheaper than they have marked. Dont judge an entire people as well as islands based on these 15 or so reviews. You might want to check with the dive shop to see if you can even bring the knife with you on the dive. Anyone know if a tasman salt will be legal for pocket carry in the Bahamas. Many people carry gravity knives for self-defense purposes, but they are illegal in Canada. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. If there is no police presence and that presence is lacking justice you can have the hell hole. The Bahamas have thousands of illegal Haitians roaming their streets (causing the increase in crime). I visit The Bahamas every chance I get and have never had any negative experiences worth writing about. This was in 2008 but I stayed there for a week with my Mother, Father and older brother. The four wheeler would not start. He was 20 years old, 6'3" and a good looking Canadian man by any standards. I was 14. Individuals that are bad are everywhere but not all govt officials/ police lack luster to their jobs: don't care. When you turn right and head to the straw market it is pretty much safe other than the harassment from people asking you to buy things or trying to con you into a tour or some other scam. I told him no I was fine. For our first stop we started walking to the Pirates of Nassau Museum right off of George Street close by as we were staying in the tourist area only for the walk. However, some cities and counties may have ordinances that restrict the size or type of knives allowed. This dagger originated in the early 19th century as a close-combat weapon predominantly used by civilians. BUT what they don't know is that they are literally taking bread and butter outof the mouths of bahamains for one negative comment. My daughters girlfriend lives in Nassau. BE CAREFUL! laws are all loose and up to what the local officer decides - if he likes your knife, its illegal and chances are he will sieze it. As we kept walking to the entrance two thugs grab my wife and daughter and put knives to their stomachs demanding their phones and backpacks. It is as bad as these people are saying. The jitneys always lively and with lots of laughs and lots of music and friendly banter . Figure to bring dive knives and shears as I expect to dive. Knife laws in California and New York are almost as bad as Britain if not worse in some areas like NYC but the knife crime in both states eclipse the entirety of England and like you said most of those knives are everyday items like a kitchen knife or machete. I've been to over 30+ countries in my life so far, far east of Asia, Europe, middle east, and so many other regions and I've never EVER experienced a black-run nation that was "good" or "safe". I'm not even saying that all black-run countries are messed up. We had no experience with the Bahamas and picked Eleuthera after seeing an HGTV show. #6. They have issued previous warning to guests sailing Allure of the seas, and Anthem of the seas, but quit issuing the warning when the Bahamas ministry of tourism (greatly urged) meaning threatened them financially, to stop warning their guests of the heightened crime and dangerous locations in Nassau. Doing the math, Nassau & the rest of the island's murder rate is 12.5 fold over NYC's making NYC a relatively safe city. If you give the impression that people can do certain things to you then they would. Dwell is a platform for anyone to write about design and architecture. They have no respect for human life and will kill for a dollar. According to the above TN law, the "intent to go armed" with a weapon, including a knife, in a school properly is a punishable offense. So to the point, Nassau was not nearly as dangerous in our experience as is being reported here, BUT it was as dangerous as the average port city through which a drug trade functions, so it dangerous! A person under that age who possesses any of said knives - or any "dangerous knife" - shall be adjudged a juvenile delinquent per 265.05. There are former French colonies in the Caribbean and African countries like Senegal that are far from it. For my money I'll skip Nassau. Went over to Nassau one day and hung out on the beach by da fish fry in Arawak cay. Spurred by a recent state law aimed at easing California's housing shortage, a Los Angeles family turns to architect . Its also where I learned of the existence of pink sandy beaches, and that Bahamians have an unrivaled love for conch meat. We believed her, they looked bad and they looked hungry. All while the police turn a blind eye to everything thats going on. By random people in the street and being bombarded all the time isn't good. I went on Caribbean cruise that was initially supposed to go into Freeport but, due to the Hurricane, we went to Bimini instead. sharp knife, here are some gifts the dad in your life won't just buy for himself (probably). As an African American I have been fortunate enough to travel to MOST of the Caribbean countries and have never had any real issues (St. Martins-the French side-is basically a ghetto with a nice beach NEVER GO THERE and in Antigua the people at the airport are extremely aggressive taking your bags and loading them in taxis without asking and then putting the damn hand out looking for a tip! Within a couple blocks walking distance a woman began driving at us very quickly; she was intent on speaking to us. check it here: so much advantages of Bahamas. I was walking down one of hallways INSIDE the hotel past the ballrooms and was completely alone, there were no other people except 1 local man. I went to yank it back and then looked to my husband to see another native black man holding a gun to his fore head. You won't get it in Nassau. If you opt to take something, make sure its small. Drug possession and drug use are illegal in The Bahamas. Is there anything we should know? ???????? 1984-0013. Saturday, 19 June 1965. authority decides that your knife is for utility uses**, then it is OK to carry as long as you are not menacing people. However, here a few things to look out for: Something to consider when traveling to The Bahamas is the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, when the islands can get hit by storms. It is important to check local laws before carrying any kind of knife as they can vary from place to place. Was more disappointed in the sheer amount of uninteresting junk for saleI actually had trouble spending money which is unusual for me. As we got another block away another man on the corner told us to watch out as the drug selling men were waiting for us to go down an alley or side street to rob us and he told us to stay on the main path until we get on Bay street the main tourist area. Centrifugal Knife or Butterfly Knife. Punishment for breaking these laws is strict. I am going to make some people very angry (my fellow AA family and I do NOT care). Nassau - 128 murders population about 250,000 I have traveled Europe and St Maartin alone and never experienced anything like this. I walked across the street, and bought a 4" paring knife and a roll of duct tape to turn the cardboard on the blister packaging into a sheath. Nasseau downtown All I can remember at that point is grabbing him by the throat and throwing him to the ground n not letting go of his throat!!! I will go where they do care/ do their jobs. So I'm just wondering should I still plan a Bahamas cruise what are the best spots if not some ideas on other locations would be greatly appreciated, Nassau sucks period as soon as you get off the cruise ship locals will harass you nonstop and you won't be able to enjoy much. I don't look tough at all. Catcalling and rude remarks and rude noises are a constant at women. See when tourist find this out the use this to downgrade the Bahamas because they know that this is there number one industry. Even in the USA, most black cities and counties are very dangerous and even black men and women with knowledge of real facts tend to get out of such places as soon as possible. We went shopping on Bay street, went to the zoo, took the local bus, and went to a public beach called Junkanoo beach. If you have little experience navigating other cultures in other cities in other places, and have a limited capacity to appreciate such things, you gonna have a problem. The deaths here are more in line with car accidents, primarily at night time when the Bahamians are drinking big-time & driving like crazy-nuts every day of the week, Sundays no exception! Even had a free lunch made by one of the locals. Knives from a long time have been part of the country's culture it has been in the country in various sects . Knives with sheaths, knives that take both hands to open and any knife with a fixed blade are legal in Canada. Liz, my fianc, his family, and I just went on a cruise that stopped there last week. We declined and continued walking. My son and I boated to Bimini, then Grand Island and finally Nassau. The Email address or Password is incorrect, World Nomads Contributor - Wed, 15 Jul 2020. read about lockdowns and border restrictions. I was off the cruise ship with my family for about 20 minutes and went right back on. Agree Nassau has gone down hill in every aspect. A few years ago, six of my family members went to Eleuthera, Bahamas, one of the out islands. I guess the answer is to try it and not look like a tourist but the fact sticks in my mind that the Bahamas murder rate is around 40 per 100,000 per annum which is extremely high and I have looked at the crime reporting page of the Nassau police department and it doesn't look good at all. I've spoken to some locals and had some pretty good conversations. I WILL NEVER GO TO NASSAU AGAIN. Gravity knife. Found an amazing taxi driver that showed us the ropes both times. Am here in Nassau and am leaving in 2 days and I can't wait to I leave If you could manage this, the world of wonders are there for you to experience and appreciate. The community has cultural significance as the birthplace of the national festival of Junkanoo, but much of the violent crime in The Bahamas is concentrated over the hill. But I have read that home invasions have also taken place. Helpful comments, got the picture, thank you! It all depends who you are as a person. There has been, however, more push to curb this so make sure to walk with your ID when going out for a drink. !I was on top of him chocking him, he couldn't breathe and I was jus beating him with all I had with my other hand!!!! . Unfamiliar areas or high crime areas doint go wondering about that much after dark especially alone I've always faver purses that go across you doint keep more cards or on you then necessary type thing. They are trying to make a living. (The kids do it in NY City with the vendors trying to see who can get a hot dog for $1 when they ask for $4. And if you feel like flexing your negotiation skills, then just steps away from the cruise ports in Nassau is the historic Straw Market. The reality is that if the Gob. They grilled me on traveling to Bahamas alone. The good the bad and the moderate. I wouldn't dream of walking around there at night. Pindling died with fifty times more money than he could ever have honestly earned. Another night went under the bridge between New Providence and Paradise Island for dinner. This aint tough math Wow, these reviews and stories I JUST read are horrible, especially the sexual assault stories. I was hacked and I knew it. We had a Airbnb on Paradise island away from the resorts. Laws governing a Knife According to the case reports published by different authors, it is an understanding that knives or arms, in general, have its origin in the process of human evolution, the invention of these arms were made by humans for the purpose of hunting and self-defence. I come down every other year. We have 5 kids with us and I'm worried that it's not safe. Or you can hire me and I will be you personal security on the island free of charge as long as you paying for my trip. Carry cash in small bills. There's a jerk everywhere you go don't Label all of Nassau We even went to fish fry at 11:30 pm had a beer with taxi driver Now I wouldn't walk through there in a bikini with a Gucci purse but some people would Cable beach has better beaches stay at the marley resort $$$$ but worth it !! There is gunfire each day, robberies, rapes, drugs and murder. Stupid and aragence is failure as they are experiencing and have been for over 30 years. That's just stupid! For example, walking into a crowded market or street where its easy to become separated, saying the code word will help children be alert and stick close to older family members, Keep constant watch of your family members, especially children, at marine parks or the beach. greg foran first wife,
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